Live Election Night Archive

Samuel Kim, Staff Reporter

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Tune in at 7:00 PM (EST) for live coverage of the election. Coverage starts Election night.

As of now, there are six key battleground states that we are watching. PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE!

(6:45 PM) The latest polls come out in 15 minutes. We should be receiving results from four crucial swing states (Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and New Hampshire).

(7:00 PM) Donald Trump has been projected to win Indiana and Kentucky.

Clinton is expected to win Vermont.

(7:15 PM) No new updates on electoral votes. Trump is winning the popular vote 61.9% to 31.8% of Clinton’s total votes. It appears as though Trump has an edge in Florida, but it’s too close to call for now.

(7:18 PM) Race is narrowing for the popular vote (Trump 53.9% and Clinton 41.4%)

(7:30 PM) Trump is holding a lead in Virginia and Georgia. Clinton is leading in Florida. Trump is leading a bit in Florida.

(7:45 PM) Currently Trump holds the lead in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Clinton is leading in New Hampshire.

(7:52 PM) North Carolina and Florida are giving an edge to Clinton. Virginia is still in Trump’s edge.

(8:00 PM) Clinton currently leads Trump 68 to 67

(8:15 PM) Florida is dead even. Tammy Duckworth has won the Senate seat in Illinois.

(8:30) Race is still too close to call! We are keeping a tight eye on Florida and on other swing states. Marco Rubio and Todd Young have both won their Senate seats. Electoral count is at 76 for Trump and 68 for Clinton.

(8:45) Trump holds a slight lead in Florida, Virginia, and Georgia. Clinton holds leads in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

(9:00) Still too close to call in many states. Texas is edging towards Trump, but is very close.

(9:02) The electoral count is 97 for Clinton and 133 for Donald Trump.

(9:15) Race is very close. Will get back with more results in 10 minutes.

(9:23) Florida is still too close to call. However, Donald Trump has an edge in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida. Clinton has the edge in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, and New Mexico.

(9:30) Trump 139 and Clinton 104

(9:33) What I am noticing is that college educated voters are voting Clinton, while the working class is voting for Trump. What is going on?

(9:45) Trump 147 and Clinton 109.

(9:56) With 46% reporting, we project that Lee Zeldin will be serving a second term in the House of Reps.

(10:04) Clinton 122 Trump 150

(10:13) No new updates on electoral college. Senate 44 (GOP) to 42 (DEM)

(10:24) SENATE 42 (DEMS) and 45 (GOP)

(10:31) CLINTON 131 and TRUMP 168

(10:45) HOUSE 169 (GOP) 122 (DEM)

(10:47) CLINTON 131 TRUMP (183)

(10:50) The Associated Press has projected that Trump will win Florida. TRUMP (212) CLINTON (131)

(11:02) CLINTON 202 TRUMP 216

(11:10) SENATE 47 GOP and 46 DEM

(11:15) TRUMP 216 and CLINTON 197

(11:16) TRUMP 222 and CLINTON 202

(11:32) TRUMP 232 CLINTON 209

(11:34) TRUMP 238 CLINTON 209

(11:41) TRUMP 254 CLINTON 209

(11:46) SENATE 48 GOP and 46 DEM

(12:00) HOUSE DEM 150, GOP 210

(12:02) SENATE DEM 46, GOP 48

(12:05) WE PROJECT that State Senator John J. Flanagan will be re-elected as NY-District 2’s State Senator. WE ALSO PROJECT that State Assemblyman Steven Englebright will be re-elected to serve as AD-4’s State Assemblyman.

(12:11) We project that Charles Schumer will be re-elected as US Senator for NYS.

(12:36) CLINTON 215 TRUMP 254

(12:38) SENATE 47 DEMS, 48 GOP

(12:42) PENNSYLVANIA, MICHIGAN, New Hampshire, and Arizona have a slight lead for Trump. MINNESOTA and MAINE have a lead for CLINTON.

(1:00) Never stayed up this late for an election. Based on information and momentum, Trump might win the presidential election.

(1:18) At this point, a Pennsylvania or Michigan win will mean Trump will become our next president.