Athlete of the Month – Kiera Kate Alventosa


Kathryn Hopkins, Sports Editor

Varsity Field Hockey Captain, Kiera Kate Alventosa, was chosen as Kaleidoscope’s Athlete of the Month!  Her motivation and determination helped the team crush their regular season and make it all the way to the state semi-finals! Here is a look into what she had to say about the team and their way to the top.

Q: What sport do you play? What is your position?

A: I am a midfielder for the Ward Melville Field Hockey team.

Q: How long have you been playing field hockey? whats your position?

A: I have been playing field hockey since I was 8 years old

Q: What college did you commit to?

A:  I chose Amherst College because I wanted a small school that allowed me to continue my academic research at a high level and let me pursue my athletic passion.  I wanted to be part of a close knit community where I could interact with my professors and potentially go abroad.

Q: What was your decision/recruiting process like?

A:  The recruiting process was tough in that it was difficult to decide at an early age what type of college I wanted to attend, but as soon as I visited Amherst College and met the team and coach, I knew I had found the right place.

Q: What are your goals for the in the playoff season?

A:  My goal is to do my part to unify the team on and off the field and to work as hard as possible so we have no regrets as a team.  Also I hope to honor the Ward Melville Field Hockey legacy by giving it my all.

Q: What do you think is your strongest contribution to the team?

A:  I think my strongest contribution to the team is to encourage every member and to hep unite the team as a cohesive unit.  I love Field Hockey and I hope to share all of the knowledge I have gained along the way to my team.

Best of luck to Kiera Kate as she continues her passion next fall at Amherst College.