Trump: Campaigner or Career-Person?


Maddy Avni, Staff Writer

Donald Trump has let down his supporters yet again in the past week by spending all of his time staying at and promoting his own properties, rather than actually campaigning. These last few weeks before the election are absolutely crucial for any candidate, representing the last possible chance for them to appeal to potential voters. This time frame should be especially important to Trump, as it is his last opportunity to quell the flames springing from many of his past incendiary remarks. So, what has he done in these past few days? Has he been out campaigning in swing states, or trying to paint himself in a more favorable light with the media? Has he been polishing his policies or shining up his speeches? Nope! He’s been holding appearances at his properties in order to promote his brand.

At the beginning of the election, Trump’s supporters hailed him as a good candidate because he is “a businessman, not a politician.” While many Democrats rebuked this statement as silly and uninformed, it seems to be ringing more true than ever. Trump’s stint as a politician has massively fallen through in the past few weeks, leaving him with only an 8% chance of winning according to the New York Times election forecast tool on October 26th. With his campaign crushed, Trump is nursing his wounds by returning to the one thing he knows and loves above all: business. On Tuesday, instead of fixing up his campaign, he abruptly decided to make an appearance at Trump National Doral, a golf course he owns. This appearance wasn’t even marketed as a political move; rather, he used it to show off how many employees he has. On Wednesday, he attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new hotel in Washington. When interviewed by the New York Times, Trump called these decisions a demonstration of his credentials for the presidency by showing the efficiency he will bring to the government. However, rather than an efficient president, these acts smack of an under-experienced businessman. While the truly efficient managers of Trump’s campaign try to quash the unrest over Trump’s recent comments, he has gone back off to the world of business from whence he came.