The Vice Presidential Debate: The Adults Finally Showed Up


Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Usually, I ignore the Vice-Presidential Debate. In fact, many people do not watch the debate, simply because the Vice President does not do anything. However, driven by fear and desperation, I decided to watch a one-and-a-half hour road to boredom. Or so I thought.

Surprisingly, I was impressed. Both Mike Pence and Tim Kaine did an excellent job. The discussion was civil, although Donald Trump was brought up frequently, and the candidates talked about policies that would help the country. Tim Kaine used an attack-strategy, hitting Mike Pence with Donald Trump’s past. It seemed as though he expected another version of Donald Trump. However, Pence kept it cool and responded well. Pence’s strategy was to ignore Kaine’s attacks and to stay on message. Although I did not agree with many of Mike Pence’s beliefs, he did dismantle the stereotype that conservatives are very unrealistic. For every issue, both candidates talked in a civil manner and explained how their running mate would make things much better.

I believe that Mike Pence won the debate, primarily due to his rhetoric. However, I believe that America won, because it seemed like two adults entered this race. For once, America could smile again.