Ward Melville’s Homecoming 2016: Spirit Week, Pep Rally and Football


Danielle Eletto

Ward Melville’s Pep Rally was held on September 23, and the halls during day consisted of one question: “Since when do we have pep rallies?”

Students were dismissed in an orderly fashion to their assigned bleachers. The sophomore section sat on the field, the juniors took the overflow bleachers, and the seniors filled the main bleachers. The marching band stormed the field to play the national anthem and a sample of their halftime performance which consisted of the familiar Super Mario theme. The cheerleaders also previewed their halftime routine, performing a dance to Ciara’s “1, 2 Step” and part of the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. In addition to some never-before-seen routines, a familiar cheer was carried out with signs that changed form  spelling “PATRIOTS” to saying “PATRIOT NATION” with the school’s green and gold colors. After the performances, some games were played with the teachers versing the students, such as the potato sack race and the relay. Students in the bleachers found humor in seeing their teachers hop in potato sacs in attempt to beat their students in friendly competitions that ranged from relay races to pie eating contests.

However, it seemed to be more rally than pep for some students who weren’t particularly thrilled about sitting in the sun. Ward Melville isn’t exactly known for school spirit, but some traditions are still alive. One of the most well-known and cherished Ward Melville traditions are the senior chicks shirts, in which lowerclassmen wear shirts reading “A Senior Chick Loves Me!” on the front with “Property of…” followed by the name of the senior girl that loves them on the opposite side. The most celebrated day of Spirit Week seemed to be Pajama Day, which gave students a chance to arrive at school comfy and spirited.

The Pep Rally perhaps did not give school pride to all students in attendance, but watching the football team beat Patchogue-Medford 35-22 at homecoming was definitely a spirit booster.