Update on the Race

Update on the Race

Matthew Okrent, Business Manager

At this point in the presidential race, Donald Trump has fallen far behind Hillary Clinton; according to polls from CNN, Clinton’s lead is in the double digits.  The margin is significant, since a lead like Clinton’s has not been seen since the 1980s.

While neither candidate has shifted on their policies dramatically since their conventions, both have released political attack ads against each other in key battleground states, such as Florida and Pennsylvania. Perhaps because of this, controversy has once again been moved into public attention. Clinton’s email scandal is being rehashed, while Trump’s immigration policies and temperament are coming under public scrutiny again.

Since the Democratic Convention, Clinton has received many notable endorsements from high-profile individuals such as Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg.  Donald Trump has received the endorsement of Paul Ryan. However, Trump has also clashed many times with Reince Priebus, Chair of the Republican National Committee — still not gaining his endorsement — along with several other prominent Republican politicians.

There is still time before November for changes to occur in the race, but for now, polls show that Clinton’s lead may result in her taking the White House. Several candidates from smaller political parties, such as the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, have also been nominated, their challenge being to get on the ballet in all 50 states and appear in the presidential debates.