“A Whole New World” for Ward Melville’s Prom


Noor Kamal

Ward Melville’s highly anticipated Prom was in full swing on June 23rd, as seniors and several underclassmen paraded down the red carpet with dazzling smiles and dresses. The event’s theme — “A Whole New World” — brought outstanding decorations, like an Arabian palace at the school’s entrance, and music of Aladdin and other Disney films playing in the background. The Prom was headed by teacher Ms. Hurley, who led the preparation for the whole night. The spectacle brought families packed in the bleachers and along the fences to see and yell in excitement at everyone strolling into the entrance or to “awww” at a kiss between two attendees at the entrance. Radiant couples and groups arrived in various modes of transportation — bike, car, party bus, boat, fire truck, and surprisingly, a horse and carriage.

The front of the school showcased the main entrance of Prom, but the gym-side area was where all the Prom-goers prepped for the big night. The whole parking lot was filled car to car, limo to limo, bus to boat as music blasted in the background. Everyone mingled, snapped pictures with their friends and dates, and complimented each other on their suits and gowns as they got ready to stroll through the entrance. Talks of after-prom and how several girls got ready for the event filled the scene, and overall, everyone was excited for the upcoming event.

The whole night was a success, and we hope that everyone had a fun and safe night!