Apple’s 2017 7S iPhone Line

Apples 2017 7S iPhone Line

Noor Kamal, Secretarial Editor

The world’s technology giant, Apple, has come to dominate once more with news of innovative features on their 2017 line of iPhones. On March 26th, the acclaimed company revealed several additions that continue to change the playing field in the world of technology. Here are the latest updates: 

  • Apple will be adding AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays, which are much better than current LCD screens in terms of power, cost, and size.  
  • The new iPhones will have curved glass displays on either side of the phone, similar to Android’s Galaxy 27 Edge. Instead of the current flat slabs on either side of the phone, the company will be enforcing “curved panels” on either side of the device.
  • The most exciting feature yet–wireless charging. Previously, in January, iOS code–the software in Apple devices like iPhones and iPads–revealed that the company is experimenting with Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi software transmits data through changes in output of off-the-shelf LEDs. According to Harold Haas, a scientist investigating Li-Fi technologies, “Data is transported by the light, encoded in subtle changes of the brightness… If we look around, we have many LEDs around us, so there’s a rich infrastructure of Li-Fi transmitters around us.” Li-Fi is revolutionary in technology, and can be used to replace sometimes expensive Wi-Fi systems. Student Sam Rutt thinks this is a wonderful change. “Wireless charging would be so much more efficient. Instead of lugging around chargers all the time, I think it would be cool to charge my phone with just one click.”
  • Apple has also demonstrated that they are experimenting with face recognition properties and infrared cameras for security purposes. Instead of the current Touch ID–which security experts can break–the user can unlock his or her phone by bringing their face to the phone, even in the dark.

Many think that these features of the future 7S iPhone will be radical step for Apple, which is unsurprising for the highly successful company. If you’re as excited about Apple’s 7S line as many others are, grab the new iPhone in 2017.