Donald Trump: False Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump: False Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

Andrew Kim

The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nominees included Syrian refugees, women’s activists, ISIS slaves–

…and Donald Trump.

Some anonymous people nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace prize for his vigorous idea of bombing Islamic countries. Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, vowed to attack ISIS and impose tariffs on China. The names of the people who nominated him are declared confidential by The Nobel Committee.

In my opinion, Donald Trump doesn’t have any valid reasons to receive the honor. His ideas are all theoretical and involve violence. He is still one of the candidates, so he has not performed any heroic or peaceful act that make him deserving of a Nobel Peace prize. His policy might work well, but that is unknown until he’s elected for president.

However, this is not the only time something blatant has happened in the Nobel Nomination process. Other nominees included Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

Do you think Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize?