Lots of Treats Street


Matthew Okrent, Staff Writer

Trick or Treat Street has been an annual event at Ward Melville for much over a decade and has consistently had great attendance.  Many Ward Melville clubs, such as FBLA, French Honors Society, Players and many more, participate in the event by decorating a room with a theme.  Some of the themes floating around this year were Haunted Mansion, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Pirates of the Caribbean.  According to Shannon Dalton, “Twenty-one groups participated this year and there were approximately 800 attendees both this year and last year.”

Key Club coordinates this annual event which takes an enormous amount of effort to create.  The Key Clubbers have to decorate all of the hallways that are going to be used, make sure that all of the classrooms are blocked off, and also have to help clean up every room and hallway used after the event.  In Ward Melville, most of the English classrooms were used for the event.  There were 21 clubs/rooms that had to be set up, managed, and cleaned up during the event.

To get into the event families had to being a nonperishable food item that would be donated to St. James Daily Bread Soup Kitchen meaning that the St. James Soup Kitchen received at least 800 nonperishable food items.  Trick or Treat Street will continue to happen annually and will remain as an important part of the Three Village community for years to come.