Battle of the Classes

Kathryn O'Sullivan and Rose Lopez

On Friday, September 25th, the second annual Battle of the Classes took place. Every class competed in 6 events to see who would win the coveted Battle of the Classes trophy. The teams competed in events like pie eating, football dress up, relay race, tug of war, musical chairs, and an obstacle course. 

Everyone at the Battle of the Classes was very excited and competitive. There was a frenzy to sign up for events and everyone wanted his/her class to win. There was also sibling rivalry. For instance, Sarah Whelan (senior) and her sister Mary Kate (junior) both said they were going to beat each other at the events. Junior Chelsea Weitz said she was excited to compete and wanted to win. In the first event, a relay race, juniors and seniors ran onto the gym floor with full teams. The juniors won the event. 

Even though the seniors came in thinking they would be victorious, when all the events finished, the juniors won by a large margin. The juniors won five out of the six events and lost only the tug-of-war to the seniors. Following their lead, the seniors received second place and the sophomores third. 

This is the second year in a row the Class of 2017 won the battle. The juniors were very excited about their victory and agreed that next year they were going to win again, for the third time in a row. After the event, there was the bonfire on the back lawn that was attended by all.

Overall, it was a great night that prepared Ward Melville for Homecoming by encouraging all grades to show their spirit.