Locker room construction


Niki Nassiri, Staff Writer

On August 24th, athletes from grades 9-12 walked into Ward Melville bright and early, prepared for a new sports season. However, there was one commodity missing: lockers. One week before school began, all locker rooms were still under construction. Students waited on long lines to change in tiny bathroom cubicles and designated classrooms, one per each sex. “It was very annoying, and I was almost late to practice a couple of times,” says Rachel Maloco, 10.

On the other hand, ongoing locker room construction was almost a blessing for students who don’t participate in after school sports. “I was so happy we didn’t have to change for gym during the first two weeks of school,” says Faima Quadir, 10. Many students shared the same sentiment, and only had to bring in their sneakers for a light walk around the track on gym days.

The locker room construction was finally finished for the start of the third week of school. Athletes and students alike are now enjoying the amenities of their new (and very large) lockers.