Student Summer Profile: Drake Eggleston


Kirti Nath, Staff Writer

Drake Eggleston is a sophomore who spent this summer playing baseball for various Long Island teams.


Kscope: What team do you play for?

Eggleston: I play for the Long Island Titans White and the Long Island Patriots.


Kscope: How many times a week do you play?

Eggleston: Some weeks I play everyday and some I don’t play at all–an average of 3-4 games a week though with occasional practice.


Kscope: What do like most about summer baseball?

Eggleston: There’s no pressure from school so I can just focus on my performance and it’s fun for me. I spend the summer practicing and conditioning [in preparation] for the school season.


Kscope: What position(s) do you play?

Eggleston: I play first base and I pitch.


Kscope: Do you play with this team year-round?

Eggleston: Depends. I’ve been playing with the Titans for most of the year although not this specific team. They put you on whatever team they think you should be on, which may be different next season.


Kscope: Do you travel for these games? If so, where?

Eggleston: Yeah; most aren’t too far away, usually somewhere in Nassau County, but I have tournaments, which are rather far away sometimes. So far I’ve gone to Staten Island and Rhode Island, but will be going to Connecticut and Maryland later in the summer. I’ve also played in some cool places such as the Stony Brook College field.