Ward Melville Celebrates the Class of 2015 Despite Rain


Kirti Nath, Staff Writer

On Sunday, June 28th, our seniors officially ended their time as students in the district after this year’s graduation ceremony. The rainy day offered a different atmosphere for this graduation, as guests and graduates had to make do with a constant drizzle. Instead of the usual visors to protect themselves from the June sun, families carried umbrellas to shield the rain. However, rainy weather could not deter the spirit and pride of the momentous occasion as the accomplished graduated marched out to the Symphonic Band playing “Pomp and Circumstance” as scheduled at two o’clock.

The ceremony started as the graduates filled the bleachers to listen to this year’s speeches. The first to speak was salutatorian Jayne Green, who spoke about how this graduation marks the culmination of thirteen years of hard work and perseverance. She also gave an empowering message to the female graduates about believing in their abilities and not letting their gender change their goals. Next, the valedictorian, Eric Wang made a bold claim as he spoke about how the Class of 2015 was truly the best one to ever walk the halls of the school. He also spoke about the many diverse and impressive accomplishments of his peers making shout-outs to standout musicians, artists, scientists, and personalities alike.

The last student to speak was Class President, George Zenzerovich, who also gifted the school two gold banners, a symbol of Patriots pride, as this year’s class gift. George then humorously advised his classmates to remember high school in the best light possible. He urged them to forget the dismal sound of the 7:04 first period bell, but remember liberation associated with the last bell of the day, to not resent the long dragging winters, but the cherish the much needed snow days, to forget walking in the crowded hallways, but to recall fondly the sound of the laughter in them.

After these three students spoke, Dr. Alan Baum gave some life advice to the graduates taken from the Little Golden Books series. The advice was wide ranging and encompassed all things from celebrating self-worth, to dancing and imagining, and taking in antioxidants. Finally, Mr. Connors gave the graduates a message from the Board of Education by telling them what life is, stating that life is both a struggle and a celebration.

Next, Dr. Baum and Ms. DiBella presented diplomas to over six hundred graduates as their names were called one by one by Ms. Bergson, Ms. Connolly, Mr. Malone, and Mr. Sheridan. Finally, the 2015 Class Representative, Sophie Hintz led the class in the traditional turning of the tassels, which was followed by a resounding applause as the graduates threw their caps in the air.

This year’s graduation was a momentous and fitting end of high school for our seniors. The afternoon was filled with emotions of nostalgia and excitement alike. We wish the district’s newest graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors.