Thrown for a Loop


The Ward Melville Physics field trip on Friday, April 24th took a number of twists and turns. There was vomiting, urination, and a bus accident on the way to Coney Island’s Luna Park. Luna Park was a last-minute backup destination chosen after the school was unable to secure buses for Six Flags Great Adventure, the traditional destination for the annual Physics field trip. Despite all of these obstacles, students and staff all made it to the park safely, albeit some earlier than others, to ride the roller-coasters.

At around 9:00 am, the students and chaperones got to the park and headed for rides such as the Sling Shot, the Steeplechase, and the Soarin’ Eagle, and for plenty of greasy food.

While many students overall responded positively when asked about the trip, many were also disappointed by many aspects of trip. Long lines prevented many students from going on the popular Sling Shot in the hour that that section of the park was open to us. “The accident involving one of the buses prevented many students from going into the park at all, arriving merely half-an-hour before we were set to leave,” commented junior Harriet O’Brien.

Physics is all around us, with towering amusement park rides being one of the most obvious demonstrations of the concepts of energy conservation and kinematics that students learn. However, many of the students were not too concerned about schoolwork though, and instead enjoyed an exciting break from the monotonous school day routine. After about four hours in the park, students boarded the buses and headed home.