Ward Melville FBLA SLC 2015 Results

Karen Li, Commons Editor

Congratulations to those who participated in this weekend’s FBLA competition!

2nd place- Agribusiness (Hannah Daniel)

4th place- Agribusiness (Katie Wang)

5th place- Banking and Financial Systems (San Ha Kim, Victor Tarjan, David Huang)

2nd place- Business Calculations (Nima Mohammadi)

3rd place- Business Calculations (Rajan Patel)

5th place- Business Law (Thomas Li)

5th place- Business Math (Marina Vostrova)

1st place- Business Presentation (Rajan Patel, Nima Mohammadi)

4th place- Business Procedures (Hannah Daniel)

4th place- Computer Applications (Mohit Singh)

5th place- Computer Problem Solving (Zyad Gomaa)

4th place- Cyber Security (Thomas Li)

4th place- Entrepreneurship (Thomas Li, Katie Wang, Harriet O’Brien)

5th place- Global Business (Kyra Durko, Carly Weber-Levine)

5th place- Hospitality Management (Amanda Grimmer, Pooja Singh, Tanya Gupta)

2nd place- Insurance and Risk Management (Josie Wiltse)

2nd place- Introduction to Business (Josh Farahzad)

4th place- Introduction to Business (Emily Wicks)

1st place- Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure (Valentina Zavala)

3rd place- Marketing (Mary Kate Whelan, Donna Yu, Alex Young)

4th place- Networking Concepts (Zyad Gomaa)