Environmental Club Will Make a Difference This Earth Day

Ariella Napoli, Staff Writer

Year round, Ward Melville’s Environmental Club works hard to make a positive difference in the school and environment. A large focus of the club is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to help make Ward Melville greener. Alanna Richman, a club member, explains that the general activities of the club involve, “Taking care of the recyclables around the school, sorting bottles and going and getting money for them for the school. We also plant things to sell.”

With Earth Day approaching on Wednesday, April 22, the club has been extra busy. Alanna goes on to say, “It’s our big event, so we’re putting a lot of our focus on that and we’re selling bracelets, we’re having a bake sale, we just want to get everyone aware.” The club will be selling baked goods along with eco-friendly bracelets on Earth Day.

“The bracelets are made out of recycled magazines and wrapping paper, so they’re eco-friendly. I found the charms on an Etsy shop, and they were kind enough to donate extra charms to us when I explained what our cause was, so that was very nice,” Rachel Sullivan, another club member and head bracelet maker explained, “Bohemian Findings, if you want to give them some business, because they’re such nice people!”

All proceeds from the sales will go to World Wildlife Fund. “The money’s going to World Wildlife Fund because they do a lot as an organization where they don’t put all the money to one area and they really think of all of the aspects of what they’ll need to preserve. For example, they won’t just donate money to saving animals, they’ll also help with poaching by providing communities with new ways to make money since that can be their only source of income sometimes,” Rachel explains.

Be sure to stop by the commons on Earth Day to get your very own stylish, eco-friendly bracelet for a great cause! If you want to buy the bracelets after Earth Day, go to room 104 on Thursdays after school and see Rachel.