Mr. Schoen Dresses Up for Student Government Fundraiser


Ramya Rao, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Schoen walked the halls today in a fake beard and elaborate leprechaun costume for St. Patrick’s Day. His box for the the St. Patrick’s Day Fundraising Drive run by Student Government won the most points. This fundraiser provided students the opportunity to have their favorite teacher dress up as a leprechaun. The teacher’s box with the most items had to do so, and Mr. Schoen’s won.

“This project was run by a group within Student Government as their project for the year and they did a phenomenal job with it,” commented George Zenzerovich, President of Student Government.

When asked about his thoughts on dressing up, Mr. Schoen replied, “It’s a good cause and I think it’s neat. I’ve never taken myself too seriously so if it helps the community it’s a wonderful thing. I don’t know if it’s track that did it or football or my classes. But it’s a wonderful thing!”