Antarctica's Big Break

Antarctica’s Big Break

January 26, 2017

Why Would I Drink This?

Darren Tung, News Team

January 11, 2017

A few weeks ago, over 70 people were found to have been killed in Irkutsk, Russia. Cause of death: alcohol poisoning from a “surrogate alcohol” translated to English as “Hawthorn.” “Hawthorn” is actually something...

New HIV Treatments

Trevor Leong, Staff Writer

January 11, 2017

Even after 30 years of research, we still don’t have an entirely effective HIV vaccine. Recently, however, scientists have developed a new HIV vaccine that is currently under clinical testing for FDA approval. The trial, dubbed...

Why did the Titanic Sink? Not Just an Iceberg, Journalist Claims

Jessica Guo, Staff Writer

January 11, 2017

The RMS Titanic sank more than 100 years ago, killing more than 1500 people in a terrible tragedy.It usually is agreed upon that what doomed the ship hailed as "unsinkable" was simply a high-speed collision with an iceberg. This...

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