Interviewing Cheerleading Captains


Fawn Honor, Staff Writer

Question: Describe the season so far in 3 words.

Kiera Wheeler: “Three words I would use to describe this season are exciting, positive and determined.”

Emily Santana: “Potential, exciting and fun.”

Isabella Markarian: “In three words I would describe the season as thrilling, perfect and exciting.”


Q: What athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?

KW: “An achievement that I am proud of is placing 3rd at the county championship this past season.”

ES: “I am very proud of the team for being able to learn how to do new stunts so quickly.”

IM: “An athletic achievement of the team I am proud of is how fast everyone is learning new and hard skills.”


Q: What’s the best part of cheerleading?

KW: “The best part of cheerleading is working together as a team and becoming a family.”

ES: “Becoming a family and creating a bond with the people I do it with.”

IM: “How close the team is to each other and how we all have to work as a team.”


Q: Is there anything that you want the school to know about your sport?

KW: “One thing I would want the school to know about my sport is that there is so much behind each stunt. Coming together and working as a group is important, it is more than sitting on the sideline and cheering for other teams.”

ES: “One thing that I would want the school to know about my sport is that sideline cheering is not even half of what we do. There is so much more that we do that no one else sees.”

IM: “I would like the school to know that we aren’t cheerleaders who cheer at football games–we do much more.”


Q: What is your goal for this season?

KW: “One goal I have for this season is to be our best.”

ES: “My goal for this season is to make it to finals at nationals and to win counties.”

IM: “My goal for this season is for the team to get to nationals and score high at nationals.”


Q: How will this season be different from last season?

KW: “This season will be different from last season because this is the first year we have a male cheerleader on varsity.”

ES: “Being that there are different people on the team this season, there are different bonds created.”

IM: “I feel that this season will be different from last season because we are more strong-willed and determined since it’s our first normal season since COVID.”


Q: How does cheerleading differ from other school sports?

KW: “Cheer is different from other school sports because there is a bigger team aspect. The dynamic of the team has to be good or we won’t do as well as we would like to. If someone is missing a practice or injured we can’t practice to the best of our ability, it is much harder to fill in a spot, unlike any other sport.”

ES: “Cheerleading is different from a lot of sports. 99% of cheerleading is working in groups. When someone isn’t at practice, it’s hard to work on stunts because all of the group isn’t there.”

IM: “Cheerleading differs from other sports because we do all kinds of things like tumbling, jumps, dances and stunting. Our sport also does not involve a ball.”