Humans of Ward Melville

Eleni Aneziris, Advertising Manager

On Thursday, September 25, 2014, Kaleidoscope’s Humans of Ward Melville page was created, and its first post uploaded by club member Marvin Lee. This year’s Kaleidoscope staff had the idea to create a Humans of Ward Melville page, inspired by the blog Humans of New York, run by photographer Brandon Stanton.

Humans of New York was created in November 2010, and while Stanton originally just envisioned the blog being a collection of portraits, he soon began having conversations with the people of New York City, and started adding their quotes next to the portraits. His Facebook page has since reached over 10 million likes, and in December 2013, Stanton was named one of Time Magazine’s 30 Under 30 People Changing the World.

While Humans of Ward Melville is still in its infancy, it has also achieved significant popularity over the month it has been running. As of mid-October 2014, 11 posts have been uploaded and the page has reached more than 400 likes. The page is run by the Kaleidoscope staff and photographers. Any Kaleidoscope photographer interested in participating simply contacts the staff for approval to post their photos. Kaleidoscope staff Ramya Rao, Erika Riley, Benjamin Winston, and Sapna Nath designed and manage the page, and members Emma Gaedje, Marvin Lee, and Lauren Herbst have all contributed photos to it. The page’s logo and cover photo were designed by Emma Gaedje, Marvin Lee, and Hira Khan.

When asked what sorts of questions he normally asks the students, Marvin said, “We are trying to represent all types of people in the school, so I like to ask them something about their interests. But usually the questions are there just to start off the conversation.” After photographing several students for Humans of Ward Melville, Marvin said that the experience made him realize that, “for last 3 years of high school I feel like I was too focused on the friend group I already had. I forgot that there are so many other lives and stories in our school. I forgot how diverse our school is and it’s quite beautiful once we realize that.”

Humans of Ward Melville profile picture, designed by Emma Gaedje.
Humans of Ward Melville profile picture, designed by Emma Gaedje.