“Umbrella Academy” Actor Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender


Photo courtesy of Sharon Mccutcheon on unsplash.com

Adam Bear, Staff Writer

On December 1, Elliot Page, an Oscar-nominated actor known for his roles in “Juno” and “The Umbrella Academy,” came out as female-to-male transgender in an Instagram post and clarifying that his pronouns are he/him and they/them. In the heartfelt message, Page acknowledged the struggles of trans people, specifically trans people of color, and advocated for reducing violence against trans people.

“The Umbrella Academy” is an ongoing series, where Page plays Vanya, a cisgender female character. There has been some confusion about whether Page will continue the role, and questions have arisen about a recast.

The director of transgender media at GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group, has pushed back at the notion of Vanya being recast, saying, “Trans actors can play both trans and cisgender characters. I’m sure Elliot will continue to be brilliant in the Umbrella Academy and many different types of roles in the future.” As of writing, Page is set to return as Vanya in the third season of “Umbrella Academy,” with no changes being made to the character.