Summer in the Lab

Summer in the Lab

Kriti Jindal, Science Editor

Every year, many dedicated science students spend their summer before senior year conducting independent research with a mentor at Stony Brook University or Brookhaven Lab. Both research institutions have prestigious scientific reputations with dozens of talented professors willing to spend time and energy mentoring high school students. Thanks to the professors’ great generosity, students are able to learn from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Students in the InSTAR program choose whichever area of science most interests them within such varied fields as biology, chemistry, computer science and engineering. They read up on professors’ work and email them with a request for internship. Summer research, although not always successful, is generally a positive experience. Senior Ilana Solomon, who worked with obesity medicine in a private clinic says, “Research helped me realize that although science is not always conclusive, it is important to not be set back and continue trying to learn.” Students learn the value of perseverance and hard work.

Senior Niyati Desai, who worked in the widely different field of applicable physics through the prestigious Stony Brook Simons Research Program, says, “One of the reasons my summer research experience was cool was because I learned a lot about research in fields other than my own.” Not only do students gain scientific knowledge in their lab, they are exposed to a vast variety of interesting and unique projects in other areas.

Summer in the lab is always a rewarding experience. Now, InSTAR students are collecting final data, making analyses and writing essays in preparation to submit to Intel Science Talent Search (STS) competition. Cheer on our InSTAR seniors as they strive for recognition and continue to bring prestige to Ward Melville!