Senior Prom Fashion Show

By Adity Sampath, News Associate Editor

“Click. Click.” Cameras flash. “Clack. Clack.” The sound of high heels. Stop. Pose. Smile. And spin.

On February 6th, 2014, about 70 Ward Melville seniors strutted their way down the runway at Lombardi’s on the Sound for the Senior Scholarship Prom Fashion Show. Girls were given dresses for the evening, provided by local stores, like Dress Gala, Merrily Couture, and Flair, while guys suited up in tuxes provided by Men’s Warehouse. Girls were able to get their hair done at local salons, including Sivana, Symmetry, and Tapestry.

“I just love making every girl look pretty. I love seeing my dresses being worn out there and thinking oh that’s from my store. I just love making everyone look nice,” says Merrily from Merrily Couture, one of the stores that provided dresses.

“I’m a Ward Melville alum. It’s great to see everyone dressed up,” adds Diona from Dress Gala, “It’s exciting! It takes me back to my time at Ward Melville. I’m having flashbacks from Junior Prom, it’s crazy!”

When asked why they decided to model for the fashion show, most said it was to have fun with their friends. “My older sister did the fashion show and said it was a lot of fun! So I decided to as well,” says Kelly Terken. “A lot of people were doing it so I wanted the experience,” explains Annabelle Giaccone.

This event was planned by a dedicated committee of parents in the school district starting at the end of October 2013. It is the only fundraiser under the Ward Melville PTSA for scholarships for the graduating seniors, which are decided by an independent committee.

“This has been an absolutely fantastic experience,” says Catherine Olson, one of the coordinators of the event. “The committee has been absolutely unbelievable. All the parents are extremely committed, care about the school district, and want to give back to the school district. All the places that donated dresses and tuxedos for the evening, as well as the local merchants who donated the raffles, have worked so hard and gave generously to this event. We’d like to encourage everyone to shop locally, since they genuinely care about the community. I was very moved by this. Everyone has been brilliant and organized; we all work so well together. It’s truly been an amazing experience.”

Most girls were very happy with their dresses and hair for the evening. Jessica DiLiello says, “I got to pick my own dress and it was so much better! It really gave me a good perspective on what I’d want to do for prom, especially with my hair.”

Merrily adds, “[The Fashion Show] gives girls the ability to try on dresses for prom at the same time.” Merrily continues, “It lets them explore and step out of their comfort zone. We love these kinds of events. It also helps put your name out there. When you have good customer service and nice dresses, it makes girls bring their friends. Many people come back or buy their prom dresses at the same time.”

However, not everyone was able to pick their own dresses for the evening. Jocelynne Rickey expresses her frustration. “I didn’t get to pick my own dress. I’m so mad about it. I went to the store and they gave me three options and told me to pick one.”

Overall, everyone had a blast. “I came to see my daughter model and to support the school. Everything’s been wonderful; I had such a good time,” says Debbie Mayrose, a parent of one of the models in the show.

Katelyn Winter gathers her emotions at the end of the night. “Modeling was very fast. It was over really quickly. I spun a lot, but it was fun!”

“Modeling was scary,” says Emily Kaye. “My dress was too long so I was afraid I was going to trip! Overall, it was a good experience though!”

Julia Paige Joseph captures her time in one sentence. “Good place, good food, good people… great night!”