A Harmonious Event

By: Ben Winston, Business Manager

Over the course of two weeks in early March, elite Ward Melville musicians participated in the annual SCMEA festival.  Based upon NYSSMA scores from last year, students were selected for the choir, band or full orchestra depending upon the instrument.

SCMEA unites student musicians from throughout the county for three rehearals before performing the concert. Rehearsals, each about five hours long, focus upon both technicality and musicianship. The orchestra, conducted by Lawrence Isaacson, had to assimilate different player styles in order effectively portray the beauty of the music.

Jeffery Michael, a sophomore trumpeter, saw his musical expression expand even though the event was short. He stated, “The conductor helped me better listen across the orchestra, especially in this group that was new to me.” With an array of musical pieces for the concert, students analyzed each other’s playing styles while meeting new friends.

SCMEA supports aspiring musicians. In addition to its successful Division I, II, III concerts, it hosts the SCMEA Tuba Day and gives scholarships to superb musicians. These scholarships foster creativity and musical expression. In particular, one scholarship is for Ithaca College’s Summer Music Program. Nima Mohammadi, recipient of the 2013 scholarship for the summer, appreciates SCMEA’s support for blossoming musicians. He expressed, “It’s amazing that SCMEA gives these awards because they help foster a love for music into every part of their lives, hopefully going into a career of music as well.”

SCMEA was an enjoyable musical experience for Ward Melville participants. Although lengthy, the rehearsals and performance exposed students to musical elements. As Mohammadi quipped, “If my tone didn’t improve, my posture certainly did!”