Senior Interviews: Patricia Seader


School I Plan to Attend: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

1. In college, I plan on studying food science and nutrition, because I have always been interested in food, but did not want to pursue a career as a chef. This major allows me to combine my passion for food with science and helping others, which combines everything that I wanted to do. There is also the possibility to go on to become a doctor with this degree, which I may end up doing. We”ll see. 
2. For each of my three years at Ward Melville, I was a member of French Honor Society, and each year, we decorated a room for trick-or-treat street. I got to have fun with kids and my friends, along with my teacher, Mme. Quiros. All of the events that we held were so much fun, and I’m going to miss her and French Honor Society so much next year. If you take french, definitely join, because it was one of the best experiences that I had while here. 
3. I regret not trying new things or having new experiences. I wish that I had spent less time stressing over school and more time enjoying the three years that I had here at Ward Melville. 
4. Not everything that you do needs to be perfect. If you mess up or make a mistake, you can always fix it or learn from it. I’ve learned that there are some things that just aren’t worth stressing out over, and must be let go, even if it’s hard. 
5. Remember that what happens in high school does not define what will happen in the future. If you make mistakes, learn from them, but do not let them impact the way you see your future. Focus on your schoolwork, but don’t let it consume your every action or moment. Try to enjoy your time, because it will go by quickly. Even if you think that you can’t wait for your high school years to end, once you get to the last few days, you’ll be sad, trust me.