Messina Makes an Impact


This past weekend on September 24th the Ward Melville High School football team, led by senior quarterback Wesley Manning, won their Homecoming game against Pat Med 35 to 22.  Three crucial touchdowns came from none other than Ward Melville’s very own Nick Messina.  As a junior runningback on this team, Messina has scored five touchdowns this season (there have been three games so far) including the three during Homecoming.  With his fast-as-lightning footwork and speed, it’s difficult for the opposing defense to stop him from entering the beloved end-zone. A few days after the game, I had the chance to sit down with Nick and ask him a few questions about his performance and the team. He truly believes this team has the power and will go far this season; with this mind set, they should. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: “Is homecoming a special game for you? Does it feel different playing on homecoming than on other game days?”

A: “Yes, the homecoming game is probably one of the most important games of the year.  All of the fans come out to support us and winning this game really sets the stage for the rest of the season.”


Q: “Do you set certain goals for yourself before playing? If so, what are they?”

A: “Not every time, but I always tell myself that I have to go out and give everything I have in a every play, and I hope that my teammates all do the same.”


Q: “After scoring three touchdowns, do you think this was the best game you have played so far? If not, what was?”

A: “Yes, I think this was my best game I have played, but more than that I believe it was the best game our team has played as well,”


Q: “How do you prepare for games, especially Homecoming?”

A: “I just think of all my responsibilities and go over every situation that might happen on the field in my head. And, of course, the coaches’ speeches before every game help us get all riled up.”


Q: “What do you think the key is to the team’s success this season?”

A: “I think the key this year is going to be us performing as a team. Once everyone does what they’re supposed to do, there’s no stopping us.”