New Electives


Nikki Nassiri, Staff Writer

New and exciting classes are being introduced to Ward Melville next year, covering departments from history to health. A few classes have especially stood out, such as Poetry of Hip Hop and Herstory, two classes you wouldn’t be able to find in your average high school.

Poetry of Hip Hop is a single semester course proposed by English teacher, Jackie Murolo. The course is aimed towards students with a passion and deep interest in poetry and modern day rap, no matter what level of English they are enrolled in for the current year. Although the title of the class may seem like you’ll be listening to rap for 45 minutes straight every day for half the year, prospective students should be prepared for a challenge ahead of them. In class, they’ll be analyzing lyrics and making connections to traditional poets such as “Shakespeare, Coleridge, Browning and Hughes”, as provided by the 2016-17 course offering guide. Students should also be ready to delve into the culture of where rap originates from and how social prejudices have influenced many hip hop artists. This course is only offered to seniors.

A certain new class has piqued the interest of Ward Melville students, especially the female population. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to know the true role of women in history, which often isn’t covered in traditionalt full year history classes. Herstory will tell the story of prominent women in society economically, socially and politically, dating all the way back to the 18th century. This course will only run during the fall semester.

Some more new electives that will be running next year include AP Human Geography, Nutrition Today, and Photojournalism. Arianna Parkhideh, sophomore, is especially excited to partake in the US and Middle Eastern Relations elective. “I finally get to take a class that relates directly to me,” the American-Iranian said in an interview.

With the addition of these new electives, Ward Melville is taking a step in the right direction by distinguishing itself once again from other local public high schools. Next year, the school will continue to inspire teenagers in all fields of education, no matter what grade level or intellectual ability. For a full listing of courses being offered next year at Ward Melville, new and old, go to Ward Melville’s homepage on