iPhone 7: Eagerly Anticipated, Heavily Speculated

Allison Dana

It’s been nearly four months since the dawn of the iPhone 6s, and Apple consumers are growing hungry for new products. Rumors about the eagerly anticipated iPhone 7 have been flying around internet forums, with hopes of the release date being sometime in the Fall of 2016.

Many have speculated features of the new device. For instance, there is a major theory that the iPhone 7 will be thinner than ever before. This could possibly be achieved by removing the headphone jack, forcing users to listen to their music with wireless or Bluetooth headphones. Regarding design, there are theories that the phones will be made of a new material, instead of their traditional aluminum backing. Perhaps the most exciting of presumed design changes is the possibility of a more water-resistant model. Apple will presumably attempt to improve screen resolution, as they have done with each release of their previous models. Also, there is hope that the company will address the somewhat dismal battery life of their phones, as well as turning to wireless charging.

Though there have been no absolutely defined features of the iPhone 7, Apple users can only hope that the company will continue to improve upon their popular products that have come to play such a part in our everyday lives. And hey, if this whole water-resistant idea comes true, maybe we won’t have to spend our money on new phones quite so often!