Install Now or Remind Me Later?

Hannah Daniel, Staff Writer

As the notification appears on the screen in the midst of activities, a common question arises in the minds of Apple device users, old and young alike: should I update my device? With greater built-in apps, the “iPad experience,” and enhanced “intelligence,” i.e. Siri, and foundation (for improved security measures, longer battery life and streamline updates) for the iOS 9, as cited by, one would exclaim, “why not?”

The current development iOS 9.1, which was released on October 21, 2015, is the first major version or sub-part to the encompassing iOS 9. It introduces several new emojis such as the taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, champagne bottle, and unicorn head, subtly ushering us into the era of the emoji and truly expanding our emotions through messaging. Prior to this release, Apple launched iOS 9.0.2 on September 30th and iOS 9.0.1 on September 23rd.  iOS 9.0.2, like iOS 9.0.1, was a minor update that fixed several bugs and glitches. “It fixed an issue that prevented app cellular data usage to be toggled on or off, resolved an issue that prevented iMessage activation, fixed an issue where an iCloud backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup, and fixed a bug that could cause the screen to rotate incorrectly when receiving notifications,” as stated by It also specifically included stability advancements for the “Podcasts” app.

However, as all technological developments, the iOS 9 possesses flaws that may persuade users to simply ignore their update reminders. For one, there is no downgrade button for the update if the user is dissatisfied with the alterations; in other words, if you get it, you are stuck with it. Also, the increase in performance and built-in apps apps has been shown to slow down function for the Apple device, decreasing productivity (although Apple advocates an increase in productivity with its multiple screen interface).  Time magazine also points out the “steeper-than-usual learning curve” with the iOS 9 and the large amount of time before apps will be updated as well.

So, taking all factors into consideration, which button would you hit, Install Now or Remind me later?