The Air Conditioning Dilemma


Noor Kamal, Staff Writer

During the first few weeks of school, students were met with the ultimate tragedy, the tipping point that almost led them to scramble from the desks and out of the doors, especially during those hot days: broken air conditioners. Now, their greatest dilemma is the fact that the air conditioners are now fixed, blowing out cold air during this crispy fall weather.

The first weeks were the worst, filled with boiling temperatures in the nineties and moist humidity – certainly the best welcome for coming back to school. Now, autumn has finally supplanted summer, bringing with it the crunch of leaves on the ground, Halloween excitement for many in Ward Melville, and teeth-chattering chilly winds.

It seems rather unreasonable that the air conditioners in most classes are turned on, sometimes with a fan in the corner of the class or the windows open, because the weather is so cold out. Ironically, the air conditioners were fixed right when these cold temperatures came. Instead of students sweating like before when they were broken, it’s quite the opposite. Many are now shivering, enveloping themselves further in their light sweaters or jackets, and to some, these cold temperatures are quite distracting; all they can focus on is the fact that it’s simply so cold. Additionally, It is rather bothersome that in some classes teachers are unable to turn them off because they’re automatic. Student Maddy Buckley says, “Well, it’s kind of pointless that they are fixed now because no one’s going to use them, and the heat isn’t working either. In some classrooms, you can’t turn them off, and that makes me so angry!”

Many are hoping for warm temperatures to come back, but in the next few months, more cold temperatures will come rolling in. Expect to be bringing in your cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.