Team Maki’s Cute Scores Big At Ward Melville Handball Tournament

by Sports Editor Ryan Fan and Staff Writer Josh Tanenbaum


Ryan Fan and Josh Tanenbaum

Maki’s Cute emerged victorious Friday, February 27 after outlasting fierce competition in the Ward Melville handball tournament. The tournament, held annually in late February and hosted by the Physical Education department and the Girls Track Team, raised over $1000 to fund both school-run organizations. 16 teams, each with more than eight members, signed up for the tournament with aspirations to win it all. Participants and spectators raved about the event.

“I’m having tons of fun out there. It’s ultracompetitive here, and everyone’s feeding off the energy,” said senior Matt Guthy of The Eagles at the event. “We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing in the playoffs and hope to win.”

The preliminary round separated the 16 teams into four divisions, with the team with the best record of three games in each division advancing to the playoffs. After extremely competitive games, the four teams that made the playoffs: Maki’s Cute, Team France, Dunder Mifflin, and The Eagles.

“”We have a tactic to throw baguettes at the other teams’ goalies to distract them. Then, we can score,” joked Team France senior Clement Grillet. “After the American flag, we’re waving the next best flag ever.”

The Division Finals round pitted Maki’s Cute against The Eagles and Team France against Dunder Mifflin. Maki’s Cute won a controlling victory against The Eagles 4-2, but the match between Team France and Dunder Mifflin went to several extended sessions before its victor was decided.

In the middle of the second half, Dunder Mifflin advanced to what appeared to be an insurmountable lead with a score of 4-2. However, Team France scored one goal with two minutes left in the period and another with only 20 seconds left on the clock to end the regular session 4-4. The game was then to be decided in a five shot shootout, which again ended in a tie, 1-1.

The final extra session was a sudden death shootout, that saw teammates’ and spectators’ hearts palpitating as both teams watched their first two goals go in in the sudden death round. In the third exchange, however, Team France junior Troy Davern eventually prevailed to score the third goal and secure a thrilling victory to propel Team France to the championship round.

“I was so nervous that I felt the anxiety as if I was actually playing,” said senior spectator Adaeze Madu. “I felt relieved when it was over.”

Finally, it came down to an intense matchup between Team France and Maki’s Cute.

In the first half, Maki’s Cute jumped out of the gates with a tremendous 6-1 lead, dominating the game on both ends of the field. Team France attempted to make a comeback in the second half with a valiant effort, but ultimately fell short with a final score of 8-3.

Maki’s Cute’s members consisted of seniors Brian Wong, Eddie Munoz, Brandon Hart, John Kelly, Tom Reilly, Joe Flynn, Jake McCulloch, and Tom Pryor, as well as multiple managers and supporters.

As a spectator, senior Liam Swift was on the edge of his seat. “It’s a good game with two quality teams. But I’m pulling for my guys, Maki’s Cute.”

“We almost won the war,” joked senior Francisco Fischer of Team France as a reference to his native country’s military history.

“It was a great team effort,” said Maki’s Cute senior Joe Flynn. “We’re glad we finally brought home the title after losing in the finals last year.”


The Winning Team: Maki’s Cute